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Copper Round Apron Kitchen Sink

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Copper Round Apron Kitchen Sink, presents unique qualities in size and color, each product is hand hammered with precise details giving a beautiful appearance.

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Product Description

TIG Welding

The acronym TIG is the initials of the words “Tungsten Inert Gas“, which indicates a weld in an atmosphere of inert gas and tungsten electrode. The TIG process can be used in joints that require high quality of soldering and welding of metals highly susceptible to oxidation (such as titanium and aluminum). However, its use is given in more frequent heat resistant steels, stainless steels and aluminum.

The major advantages of the TIG process comes from the stability and concentration of the arc, and the fact that it is feasible to use in all positions and types of joints and the appearance of the cord (with soft and smooth finishes).

This welding method is also characterized by the absence of spatter and slag (which prevents subsequent cleaning) and its applicability to thin thicknesses (from 0.3mm). Note that the TIG welding can be used with or without material inputs.

We maintain a rigorous quality control to ensure that no lead is used.

All our products are made ​​with the best quality possible. Because each product is a craft, it presents unique qualities in size and color, each product is hand hammered with precise details giving a beautiful appearance.

Due to its characteristics, copper is undoubtedly the adequate metal for copper sinks manufacturing. Copper has the distinctive feature of a rust layer coating, which penetrates metal in only a few microns. This layer acts as an indefinite protection, ensuring a long useful life.

Is copper a sanitary material?

Copper is more sanitary than most other basin materials and is actually “anti-bacterial”. Science shows us bacteria can live for days on a stainless steel surface, but for only a matter of hours on copper.

Copper Maintenance instructions

  • To keep clean, simply rinse sink with water after each use. Since copper is a natural anti-bacterial surface, it’s not necessary to disinfect or scrub. However you may choose to give your copper kitchen a thorough cleaning with mild soap and a soft cloth from time to time.
  • Always avoid using any cleaning product that may remove the patina.
  • For an added layer of protection, especially in ‘hard water’ areas, consider coating your kitchen sink with a high quality wax. This will help maintain the luster of the patina while providing better water runoff.
  • With acidic foods such as… lemons, tomatoes, mustard, pineapple, vinegar, etc., it is best to leave water running while working with products and foods of this nature and remember to thoroughly rinse your sink immediately after use. If the copper surface should get scratched or affected by one of these acidic foods, copper will naturally regain its original, aged patina with regular use and time.
  • DO NOT use abrasive cleansers or disinfectants on the non-shiny copper.

Additional Information

Product Size

33″ x 22″, 35″ x 22″, 30″ x 20″

Product Color

Brown, Dark, Dark Brown, Sedona

Product Drain

With Drain, Without Drain


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