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Incorporating copper in the decoration of your home

Copper table top and lamps-InteriordesignHow do we incorporate copper, a look that is both new and traditional, into today’s home? A fairly simple answer – don’t use too much and don’t use too little.

Interior finish schemes generally fall within two major categories of interior metal finishes – brushed nickel or oil rubbed bronze and stainless steel or black appliances. Along with the metal finishes, we often see a simple beige color scheme in paint, countertops, backsplash and flooring. Many homeowners want something new and exciting but don’t want to compromise the safe nature of the established finishes.

Because copper has a warm quality and can be finished in many different tones, it goes well with nearly any interior design. It can look bright and shiny; this style often feels contemporary and somehow geometric. Then there are copper finishes that are much darker with hardly any luster. These dark finishes are often fired or artificially darkened. Of course there is the copper patina, which is copper that has been oxidized and starts to turn green in color. And there is finished copper which may lie between the shiny and darker coppers. When you decide to incorporate copper into your décor, it is important to determine what you like and don’t like about copper.Copper-Range-Hood-Handcrafts-Kitchen-table-top-sinks-farmhouse

You are now ready to add copper to your home décor but you would like to know where and how much. The best advice is not to allow the copper to compete with the predominant finishes in your home but allow it to work as an accent. You can add subtle accents and even add bold accents to dramatically enhance the beauty of your home.

Subtle accents of copper can be integrated into the home quite easily and effectively. The simplest solution is to acquire some copper accessories or home furnishings. In the kitchen, you may want to hang a wrought iron or dark metal pot rack and suspend copper pots and pans. In your living quarters you can incorporate copper with table and floor lamps. Another small accent is copper tiles in the border design placed in the floor pattern throughout the house.Range hood copper-kitchen utensils pans and pots-Interior design

A popular copper accent is the kitchen backsplash. Copper and tumbled stone look magnificent together. A 4×4 inch tile can be placed on a 45 degree diagonal which makes it about 6 inches tall. Since most backsplashes are about 18 inches you can use 6×6 tumbled stone or travertine in rows for the backsplash and then every foot or so place a copper tile on a diagonal. It makes a stunning backsplash.Copper-Tiles-kitchen-decor--Variety-design